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Sophomore Effort Will Take Place January 24-February 1, 2015

LOS ANGELES, July 29, 2014—Cat Art Show LA—the Los Angeles-based art exhibit that surprised locals by drawing thousands of visitors when it debuted in 2014—is coming back for a second year in late January 2015. The exhibition, named “The Sequel” will once again focus on the cat—our domesticated companion and internet meme—as muse.

Cat Art Show LA 2: The Sequel will feature more than 100 globally-recognized artists including Simon Tofield (creator of Simon’s Cat), Eldar Zakirov, Natalia Fabia, Simon Legno (creator of the Tokidoki brand), Michael Caines, and C215, among others. All of the artwork will be available for sale including both originals and limited editions and a portion of the proceeds will go to two Los Angeles-based cat rescues.

“Cat Art Show LA 2: The Sequel is the continuation of our inaugural cat art outing which brought together cat lovers and art enthusiasts,” said Susan Michals, producer and curator of the show. “We have asked each artist the basic question, what is the true meaning of cat for you—ally, domestic partner, enemy, frenemy, allergic reaction or guru? From that, each artist’s interpretation is unique and honest.”

The success of the inaugural Cat Art Show LA caught many off-guard, attracting everyone from the executives of LA’s top museums to people who post cat photos and videos on Facebook and Instagram. It garnered national attention and was featured in numerous media outlets including Buzzfeed, Time, CNN and NPR, among others

“Cats have been part of our lives for thousands of years. The Egyptians frequently aligned them with the gods and Pablo Picasso created masterpieces centered around cats,” continued Michals. “Now people post them on Instagram and our artists interpret them.”

Along with the previously mentioned artists, others participating in 2015 include Tim Biskup, Travis Lampe, Yuko Higuchi, Brandi Milne, D*Face, Joel Otterson, Jason Edward Davis, Scott Zaragoza, JOW, Britt Ehringer, Ingrid Allen, Rachel Schlueter, Heather Mattoon, Kristine Byars, Jamie Fales, HYSTM, Amber Alexander, Jenny Parks, Zane York, Fedele Spadafora, CYRCLE, Daniel Maidman, Katsunori Miyagi, Joann Biondi, JeanPierre Arboleda, Luke Chueh, Lyn Winter, Lynn Jones, Marion Peck, Rich Hardcastle, Henry Diltz, Wendy MacNaughton, Ravi Zupa, Charlie Becker, Fred Calleri, Rebecca Rose, Daniel Danger, Edwin Ushiro, Diane Hoeptner, and others soon to be announced.

Currently, there are more than four million-plus combined Cat Art Show LA social followers on platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram awaiting the next event. “Not only is this a contemporary examination of the impact of cats in our lives, it’s also a lot of fun,” said Michals. “So that’s why we are bringing the exhibit back for year two in 2015.”

Admission is Free.
Hours of Cat Art Show Los Angeles:
Saturday, January 24th: 7pm – 10pm
Sunday, January 25th: 12pm – 5pm
Saturday, January 31st: 12pm – 5pm
Sunday, February 1nd: 12pm – 5pm

About Cat Art Show LA: 2 The Sequel:
Cat Art Show LA 2: The Sequel was created, and is produced by, Susan Michals, a journalist who writes about the intersection of art, culture and celebrity. Her work has been featured in media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, Vanity Fair, The Art Economist, GalleristNY, Huffington Post, Departures and Architectural Digest, among others.She also works as a private art consultant for collectors around the world. She owns one cat, a Maine Coon, named, Miss Kitty Pretty Girl.

Cat Art Show LA is also produced in association with Daniel Salin. Salin is a producer, promoter and curator, recognized for his production of Banksy’s 2006 Los Angeles show, “Barely Legal” as well as the exhibition of Mr. Brainwash’s collection of works seen in the Academy Award nominated film, Exit Through the Gift Shop.

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